How does Sevā fit in with our Hindu development objectives?


Karma yoga, Sevā or selfless service is one of the four main paths that are prescribed in the Bhagavad Gita as well as many other Hindu scriptures and by various Hindu saints and sages. Whilst there are numerous Hindu organizations in our community, the focus is mainly on the Bhakti Yoga path, now approximately 90 percent of Hindus in our community do not attend sathsangh regularly, choosing to worship at home instead. The problem with worshiping at home is that it is easy to be neglectful of one’s spiritual life, if there is no discipline. Thus, our organization places a great deal of emphasis in creating Sevā opportunities for Hindus in our community to participate in with many positive spin offs. Those that have taken up this opportunity by either sacrificing their time, or contributing in cash and kind, benefit from a karmic point of view through their good action, the dependents of these Sevā initiatives are benefiting materially, and most importantly positive perceptions of Hinduism are being projected in our community. The beneficiaries of our Sevā initiatives extends beyond our own community, without favour to any particular race or creed, naturally as we are a Hindu organization, promoting Hindu Development in our community, Hindus in our community are fully aware to where they can turn to in times of need! Sevā Initiatives that we have in place are as follows:


School Feeding Seva Initiative


Sandwiches are prepared and distributed every alternative week for 300 underprivileged children of a school in a nearby community.