The true purpose of religion is to lead the aspirant to a point of liberation from the cycle of birth and death – God realisation. The Hindu religion, like all the other major religions of the world, has its basis in scriptures.

Sadly, the culture of scripture reading amongst the majority of Hindus in South Africa is somewhat lacking. There is difficulty in sourcing our scriptures, as they are not so easily available as the scriptures of other religions. So in a bid to address this shortcoming our organisation has embarked on this mission of distributing the Bhagavad Gita, Thirukkural and the Ramayan FREE of charge in our own community, since 2008.

Having exhausted our book distribution  in Richards Bay, we have extended this effort nationwide in a bid to encourage Hindu organisations, individuals and temples around the country to follow suit.


Gita Distribution

1st phase  - 200 copies in Richards Bay and surrounding areas.(2008)

2nd phase - 500 copies in Richards Bay and natiowide.(2009)

3rd phase  - 1200 copies in Richards Bay and Nationwide (2011)


1st phase - 800 copies in Richards Bay and Nationwide.


1st phase - 300 copies in Richards Bay



Ramayana – To be announced.