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Ø  Youth development.

Ø  Women’s empowerment.

Ø  Seva Opportunities.

Ø  Free Literature distribution.

Ø  Hindu Unity.



An Overview

Despite humble beginnings, Hindus in South Africa have by and large made huge strides in various fields, serving as doctors, magistrates, lawyers, engineers as well as many other prominent professions. However when it comes to our ancestral religion, our numbers have been in steady decline as a result of conversions to other faiths. The UHDC’S mission is to identify those areas where we as Hindus are lacking, and in turn initiate remedial actions.




The UHDC is a registered non-profit organisation that was established in 2002, based in Richards Bay. With only a few committed individuals we have succeeded in establishing a number of initiatives that are both practical and consistent with our scriptures. We believe that if Hindu temples, Service groups, and even individuals can take a broader approach towards fulfilling the spiritual needs of devotees, there would be no reasons why Hindus would seek fulfillment elsewhere.


Deepavalli - Light Up A Life 

Reach out and "Light Up A Life" this Deepavalli. The concept of giving and sharing during Deepavalli is already entrenched within our traditions, but is mostly limited to family friends and neighbours who are in most instances, able to afford these sweetmeats and other luxuries that we share with them. Hindus are urged to extend the goodwill of Deepavalli to include those that are less fortunate than ourselves, so that Deepavalli will be associated as a time of giving amongst South Africans of all races and cultures rather than a time for fireworks and loud bangs. Hindus often generously support outreach initiatives during the holy days of other religions, the UHDC urges Hindus to do the same for our own holy days.

The UHDC’s “Deepavalli Light Up A Life” initiative has been ongoing since 2008, whereby we have been distributing hampers which includes an assortment of educational items, hygiene items, tasty treats and toys, to orphaned, abused and underpriveleged children in the Zululand area. Start your own “Deepavalli – Light Up A Life” initiative in yourneighborhood.